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Doing the Work with Jay and Becca strives to empower our listeners as they take on the journey of personal transformation. Our goal is to provide insight and information while having a really damn good time.

Jay and Becca met many years ago but our real work together started at Jay’s first seminar. Becca only agreed to attend because she liked Jay and wanted to support his work…little did she know that her life was about to be changed forever. After only a few hours surrounded by Jay’s work and an amazingly powerful group of women, Becca had a giant breakthrough that set her on the path of personal transformation.

Over the years of friendship and coaching, we discovered our natural ability to “solve all the problems” whenever we had lunch together! At that moment, the podcast was born. We jumped in with both feet and have had a blast opening up, getting real, meeting amazing women, and doing the work. We are honored by our listeners and appreciate the opportunity to do our podcast every week.

Thank you for making us part of your self-care!

With love,

Jay and Becca

Jay Pryor

Life Coach/Speaker/Author

Nothing is more powerful than leading by example, and Jay Pryor is a living example of the power of possibility in transforming your life. Born female, Jay transitioned to male after 35 years of living life as a woman, granting him truly unique insight into how differently women experience the world versus men. Jay has funneled his own personal struggles into his life passion and now works with women to thrive beyond their own perceived limitations and live happy, fulfilled lives.

Jay is a speaker, author and life coach focused on serving executive women by guiding them as they access their intuition, learn to trust their inner knowing and align with the law of attraction—an approach that results in more business, more money, more fun and more inner peace.

Jay speaks, coaches and facilitates corporate trainings and workshops around the world. He is a speaker and advocate for transgender youth and transgender education, and is the co-host of Doing the Work with Jay and Becca, a weekly podcast devoted to awakening people to their own power and transform their lives. He is also the author of the acclaimed book, Lean Inside: 7 Steps to Personal Power: A Practical Guide to Transformation for Women. Jay lives with his wife Jessica and their two children in Lawrence, Kansas. He is a diehard Kansas Jayhawks fan, a talented singer, and an avid reader who loves cycling.

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Becca Booth

Marketing Strategist, Owner of Trout Marketing and Co-Founder of Creative Clique

An expert in strategic planning, brand development, culture building and public relations/events with over 15 years of experience in all sectors from non-profit to corporate, banking to government, B2B and B2C. Becca owns Trout Marketing, a full service marketing firm and co-founded Creative Clique, workshops that help businesses DIY marketing. Specializing is social media, strategy and sales, Becca can help with a variety of business topics.

She has been “doing the work” for almost 3 years with Jay as her coach. Her focus has brought an over 80 pound weight loss, the opening of her companies, and a true belief in her personal power.

Becca has been married to husband Chad for almost 15 years and has two children, daughter, Scout and son, Truman.

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