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Season 3,

Episode 106: Special Guest Stephanie Trager

August 22, 2018

We are just killing it with amazing interviews! We are so excited to introduce you to Stephanie Trager. She is going to blow you away!

A little more background on Stephanie with her official bio–

“Stephanie is the Founder & Chief Catalyst at Intentional Paradigms, an executive coaching and strategic sustainability consulting firm helping global leaders prepare for the uncertainties of tomorrow. She combines 25+ years of extensive entrepreneurial experience, work in environmental justice, sustainability and human rights advocacy in North and South America, and a career in corporate litigation at Davis Polk. As a mindset expert, futurist, strategist, and breakthrough coach with eclectic off the beaten path experiences and decades of study with Indigenous cultures, Stephanie has a passion for supporting conscious leaders in their personal and professional evolution. She is the creator of various business methodologies helping leaders increase influence, align with purpose and leverage their talent and sustainability strategies. She’s the author of the forthcoming book, “Leadership for a Better World: The Sustainability Mindset Shift™.” Stephanie loves helping organizations reduce risk and innovate to solve our world’s greatest challenges while boosting their triple bottom line. 

Stephanie is a dynamic international speaker using the power of captivating story to inspire, teach and motivate. She combines her years of experience in legal practice, sustainability, business and personal development to deliver compelling and relatable presentations and keynotes for companies, conferences, meetings, and on and offline events. She serves as a guest on panels and is an intuitive thoughtful moderator. Stephanie has delivered hundreds of talks, workshops and retreats and can adopt her speaking style and content to meet your venue and audience needs. She touches people with her timely perspectives and is bound to engage your audience and inspire action.”

Thank you for listening! We appreciate you!

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A few things mentioned in this episode…

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