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Episode 108: Catching Up with Jay and Becca

September 19, 2018

First of all–I apologize. This is coming straight from Becca. This summer has been a bit of a shit show and unfortunately what has suffered has been consistency with this podcast. I have struggled to keep up with all the balls I have in the air and suddenly shit hits the fan and I don’t get a podcast posted on time…or at all. Or for some reason our podcast service decides just not to post episodes that I actually pre-scheduled!

I hope we haven’t lost you and you accept my apology and promise to do better. I really want to make sure we are posting new episodes weekly…so we might be moving the release day to Thursdays. I will let you know if that change is made.

Today we are catching up with what is going on in each of our lives. We talk about everything from divorce to testosterone and everything in between! We have really enjoyed all of the amazing interviews we have been doing but sometimes it is nice to just chat and catch up!

So this week in the Facebook group–lets catch up! What are you up to? How was your summer? Any fun trips? Any breakthroughs or setbacks? Catch up with everyone and share your story!

Are you ready to be coached? Shoot us a message through our contact page or message us on Facebook. We would love to get your scheduled.

Thank you for listening! We appreciate you!

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Thank you for listening. We are so honored to have you with us each week.

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