ok Episode 13: Amy Wall of Love Amy Skin – Do the Work with Jay & Becca
Season 1,

Episode 13: Amy Wall of Love Amy Skin

August 03, 2016

We are taking a quick break from our weekly Lean Inside lessons to catch up on a few interviews that we just can’t sit on any longer. This week we chat with Amy Wall and she is just amazing. Her story is incredible and her approach to her skincare business is a “do the work” poster story.

Amy Wall is a licensed Esthetician and creator of the Love, Amy Signature Skincare line and The I AM personal plan. She is acknowledged in her industry as being one of the top skin care professionals, nationwide, with her title of winner of the Skin Games and moderator of the Spa Love facebook group. Her Mendocino Beauty scholarship aims to elevate the beauty industry and help mentor teens with an interest and passion for the healing and beauty arts. She works with heart-centered women who want to experience feeling beautiful, have more radiant skin, and love what they see in the mirror on a daily basis. Amy lives in Mendocino, California and can be found at www.loveamyskin.com

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A few things mentioned in this episode…

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