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Episode 18: Coaching on Lean Inside Steps 6 & 7

September 07, 2016

We are super excited to get started going through the steps outlined in Jay’s book, Lean Inside: 7 Steps to Personal Power. This book is truly life changing and it walks through the process Jay uses in his workshops. We invite our listeners to join us as we work through the seven steps over the next few weeks.

This week’s episode covers Steps 6 & 7 where we “Visualize It” and “Let it GO!”. It is incredibly important to be able to SEE yourself making these changes or achieving a goal. Visualizing the process, visualizing the end result, heck visualizing the bumps that might occur…all make it real. We all do it even without the “work.” Think about it… Then comes the biggest step yet–Let. It. Go. Yup. You did all that work and now you have to release that energy to the universe. Simply believe and then turn it over. Easier said than done!

We invite you to join us in our “Doing the Work with Jay and Becca” private Facebook group to share how things are going! Are you struggling? Is there a step you need clarification around? Do you have something you could use some coaching around? We will have a special post where you can let us know how things are going with steps 6 & 7. Filling stuck or overwhelmed by possibilities? Bring it to the group! Each week we will have a new post about the step we discuss on the episode which will keep us all doing the work together. Just follow the link or search Doing the Work with Jay and Becca on Facebook to find us.

Everything you need already exists inside you…Lean Inside with us to find out!

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