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Episode 19: Coaching on Gossip

September 14, 2016

This week we cover a listener’s topic request with a coaching session on gossip. Gossip is one of those areas that might not feel like it has a lot to do with Law of Attraction or transformation…but it goes directly to language and being impeccable with your word. When we get drawn into talking about others, we are focusing on something that is none. of. our. business. And what we focus on gets bigger, right? Gossip seems like such a natural thing sometimes. We discuss what gossip really is and how to see your way out of conversations.

Just to be upfront…we had a TON of technical issues when recording this episode. We apologize if the quality is a bit off this week…we pieced it together as best we could!

This episode might feel a bit all over the place as we jump into semi-political conversation…but in the end it is all about the language that we use. Language is powerful. Being impeccable with your word isn’t just about telling the truth. It is about how we speak about people. It is about how we respect people with our words.

Thank you to the listener who requested this topic! It was incredibly helpful for both of us to revisit and we hope it is for you as well.

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A few things mentioned in this episode…

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