ok Episode 2: I Am Erin Brown – Do the Work with Jay & Becca
Season 1,

Episode 2: I Am Erin Brown

May 29, 2016

A don’t miss episode featuring speaker, activist and author Erin Brown. We discuss her new book, “Letters to Lola,” body positivity, rape culture, and so much more. Erin’s work focuses on women, healing and autonomy. She is not afraid to “go there” and we do over and over again during this episode. Please note-trigger warning regarding rape and sexual assault.

“Nothing you do can be done well if you keep showing up in your body as if it’s an apology.

Erin Brown is a writer, speaker & activist whose work focuses on women, healing and autonomy. She utilizes authentic narrative to promote empathy and compassion toward ourselves and others. She is a feminist, an intuitive, a firm believer in radical self-care and a coach. Unafraid to be big, in presence or in thighs.

A few things mentioned in this episode…

I Am Power Retreat

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