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Episode 27: Coaching on Asking for Help

November 09, 2016

I am probably not the only one who has a hard time asking for help. In fact I lived many years proud of the fact that I could “do it all.” HA! What a funny statement. I was “doing it all” except I wasn’t really doing anything well and I was literally making myself sick trying to take care of everyone else. Self care is so important but it so easily slips out the door. Or, like me, you might feel like it is selfish or not even possible to take time for yourself.

Recently I got sick. And I was so mad! I had actually been doing all the “things” I was supposed to do! I was being good to myself and I was living in such a positive space. Then I lost my voice. The Universe actually SILENCED me! WHAT?? What did I have to learn?

Join Jay and I this week as we talk about self care, asking for help and how sometimes the Universe will put the smack down on you in order to wake you up to how you are REALLY treating yourself.

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