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Episode 28: Coaching on Changing Your Operating System

November 16, 2016

This week’s episode is one Jay and I have been talking about doing for awhile…using Lean Inside as a guide to dive into a topic. When Jay was writing Lean Inside he hoped it would become a manual of sorts. A book readers could pick up anywhere, anytime and simply turn to a page to get focused. So that is what we did! Jay turned to a page and pointed at a section to set up our topic for the episode and it was a doozy! One that I personally needed to hear and I bet you do as well.

How do you change your Operating System? Why do we get triggered by certain events, people or even words? How do you get yourself to a place where you truly change that automatic reaction that comes from your Operating System? With the holidays approaching, I know that I am prepping for triggers. But what if I could just know I was going to be OK?

Sound familiar? Join us and learn how we can all get laser focused around changing our Operating System so we no longer have to face hijack or slip into old patterns of behavior.

We hope you enjoy this episode! Let us know your thoughts.

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Everything you need already exists inside you…Lean Inside with us to find out!

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