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Episode 43: Part 2 of Coaching with Charlene Williams

March 01, 2017

This week we continue the coaching call with Charlene Williams from last week and Jay has his big Ah Ha moment! It was one of those goosebumps things where you just knew that we weren’t done. There was more to be uncovered. And it proves once again why Jay is such an incredible coach. If you haven’t listened to Episode 42 yet make sure to do that before listening to this episode!

Thank you again to Charlene for your bravery and honesty! We can’t wait to see all you create in the next few months!

Charlene Williams, is a freelance designer & owner the consultancy Paisley Pickle Inc in Minneapolis MN. Charlene has created designs that adorn everything from laptop cases to maxi pads and everything cute in between. A former corporate employee turned solorpreneur, Charlene has had to learn as much about running a business as she has about self-care and how to manage the anxieties of being your own boss, unhooking from praise & designing the life you want to live.

Link to professional website: http://www.paisleypickle.com/

Link to Instagram https://www.instagram.com/charlapickle/?hl=en

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