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Season 1,

Episode 48: Your Daily Shot of Hope with Diane Silver

April 05, 2017

This week we are honored to be joined by Diane Silver, author and part of Jay’s Spiritual Entrepreneurs group. Her most recent book, Your Daily Shot of Hope, is a must buy for daily affirmations for when the going gets tough. Or heck, just as a reminder that there is always hope.

Diane Silver is a writer, political activist, and spiritual seeker who speaks about hope and an atheist’s faith to a variety of audiences. She has served as communications director for a candidate for Congress, a press secretary in a gubernatorial campaign, championed equality for LGBTQ people in bright red Kansas, and helped raise hundreds of millions of dollars for two Midwestern universities. Her writings have appeared in Ms., Salon.com, The Progressive, and many other venues.

Your Daily Shot of Hope is available from Amazon.com as a Kindle ebook and paperback. Follow the either link to read the introduction and at least one meditation.




The last couple of episodes were pretty darn heavy. Dealing with the unworthiness conversation can be overwhelming and scary. This book is like the exact opposite. It is a daily dose of inspiration and a reminder that as long as we have hope, we are stronger than we can imagine.

We invite you to get in the inquiry around hope. How can you inject a shot of hope in your everyday? And join us in the private Facebook group, Doing the Work with Jay and Becca where we will be continuing the conversation.

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