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Episode 54: Coaching with Madeleine Bock on Weight Loss Part 2

May 17, 2017

Part 2 of 2–Today we are incredibly honored to continue the coaching call with Madeleine Bock. Her bravery and willingness to face her needs head on and in such a honest way. Madeleine came to us to be coached on weight and body image. This is a topic that hits very close to home for me, as it was the first thing I focused on when I began working with Jay. After years of fighting my weight, he was the first to ask me to forgive myself…and it changed everything.

Body issues affect so many of us. I am so amazed by Madeleine and I know each of you will be as well. As with most of our coaching episodes we have spit this into two parts (check out the first part HERE if you haven’t listened yet.) During this episode we review the next steps and most importantly land on a very special mantra/affirmation!

We apologize that this episode is a lot shorter than normal. We had some technical difficulties with the phone lines during this coaching call and more had to be cut out than I had originally thought. You don’t miss anything, just static!

This week we invite you to join us on the Doing the Work Facebook page to share your body image stories. Are you ready to let it go?

If you are currently struggling to achieve a goal, manifest your dreams, or just get over the hump in an area of transformation–we are here to help! Contact us through the contact form or via Facebook to sign up to have a coaching session on a future episode. We would love to help! And a free coaching session from Jay is pretty darn amazing too.

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