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Season 2,

Episode 59: Special Guest Erin Verdis, Spiritual Life Coach for Women

June 21, 2017

You know when you meet someone and you just click with their vibe? That was our experience with Erin Verdis. This woman is just awesome. And we are so excited to introduce you to her!

Erin is a Spiritual Life Coach for Women and her work is empowering women across the country. Thank you so much Erin for joining us and for Doing the Work! In this episode we discuss the role of women and how her view has been painted by growing up in the Mohawk Nation culture.

A little more background on Erin with her bio–

My name is Erin Verdis, and I am a spiritual life coach for women. I am originally from Michigan, and moved to New York City upon graduating from High School to pursue a modeling career. For over ten years I worked and lived internationally and in many cities in the states. Although full of gratitude for the opportunities and experiences this career offered me, there was definitely another side that was very competitive, often dark, challenging, and caused a lot of inner conflict for me. I eventually turned to the party scene in NYC and struggled with drugs and alcohol abuse for a while. It was a way to escape that inner conflict I suppose. Fortunately I met someone very special who helped me find a new path, one of personal growth and spirituality. I am Native American, from the Mohawk Nation of the Iroquois Confederacy, and during this time I returned to my cultural roots, our teachings and traditions, to ground me. I also began to study Buddhism and meditation, my life was unfolding and I was awakening, it was such a magical time. As the years past, I knew in my soul that I had gone through what I had so I could share my experiences to guide others along their own journey. I went to college and got my degree in Psychology & Human Development and Native American Studies. I eventually found the world of coaching and knew I had found my purpose and passion! I have led workshops on journal writing and meditation, re-writing your life story, creating a spiritual practice, nutrition, and more. I am currently working on launching my online business. I am super passionate about helping women return to their inherent femininity, learn to trust their intuition, clear out limiting beliefs and old stories, and begin creating a life that is authentic and true to them, from the inside. I am also passionate about sharing some teachings and traditions from my Iroquois heritage. I have two beautiful children, River is 10, and Skylar is 5, they are my reason for everything I do! I am so blessed and grateful for my life journey, all that has led me to this path, and all that awaits me!

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