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Season 2,

Episode 61: Special Guest Rachel Rosen Creator of Spark for Humanity

July 05, 2017

You guys get your money ready because you are about to be obsessed with getting a new game called “Spark for Humanity” that was created by our guest on today’s episode, Rachel Rosen. You guys. This game is so incredible! And it really is more than a game. It is an opportunity to really SPARK conversation and community. And Rachel? She is simply incredible. Y’all are going to just fall in love.

And because she is so awesome she is offering a 10% discount on ALL her offerings including the game AND coaching, workshops and the fall leadership course as well to our listeners! Simply enter “doingtheworkspecial” at check out or mention the podcast for discounts on services. Thank you Rachel!!

  • Discount code for 10% off all SPARK orders and for coaching / workshops / fall leadership course as well enter “doingtheworkspecial” at checkout and/or mention the podcast for discounts on services.
  • Link to schedule a call to learn more about the workshops I offer and/or discover how S.P.A.R.K. Leadership can help support your learning, growth, and development
  • Link to their Facebook groupSPARK Facebook Page, and Instagram pages (spark4humanity & loveislove)

A little more background on Rachel with her bio–

Rachel is a seasoned facilitator, leadership coach, inclusion strategist, and speaker, and the Founder of SPARK For Humanity, the community-building card game where everyone belongs. As a Coach and Strategist, Rachel partners with influencers and helps them ensure that their communication and community-building approach is inclusive and intentional. She helps her clients design and facilitate experiences for their diverse teams that allow them to unleash their potential to work together, build trust, and connect in meaningful ways. With a Masters from Stanford, a background in education, leadership development, and racial justice, Rachel is passionate about empowering influencers to lead with their S.P.A.R.K. and ignite positive shifts in the world. 

If you are currently struggling to achieve a goal, manifest your dreams, or just get over the hump in an area of transformation–we are here to help! Contact us through the contact form or via Facebook to sign up to have a coaching session on a future episode. We would love to help! And a free coaching session from Jay is pretty darn amazing too.

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A few things mentioned in this episode…

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