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Season 2,

Episode 63: Special Guest Amy Wright aka The Drunk Mom

July 19, 2017

Oh my gosh you guys…get ready to laugh so hard you pee a little. Seriously. Amy Wright (aka The Drunk Mom) is truly hilarious and puts a completely different spin on the job of “mom.” She is real and she is one of the funniest women I have ever met.

The Drunk Mom is a Facebook page that is filled with videos and hilarious posts created by Amy. She also is building her tribe of awesome mom’s who are ready to admit defeat from the tiny sock invasion called The Drunk Mom’s Club…you can register on her website at www.thedrunkmom.com. (Amy warns NOT to forget the “the” before drunk…otherwise you might get a big surprise!) And she has a BOOK! Yes! Go buy this book!

And while you will literally will be laughing out loud, Amy isn’t just about the comedy. She is about empowering moms to be the kind of mom they want to be. It is about embracing the messy and forgiving yourself. And maybe hiding in the pantry with a box of wine…

A little more background on Amy with her bio–

“First and foremost, I’m a mom and have been my entire freaking adult life. I didn’t used to drink at all… and then I had a teenager. It was self medication or the nut house, ya’ll. My husband and I have 5 kids in our blended family and yes, we know what causes it so please don’t ask or I’ll make shit real awkward for you. We live in the Charlotte area of North Carolina, a few hours from the beach (AKA- heaven) and two hours from the mountains. It’s awesome. I started my online business in 2009 and tried to fit into a little box of elevator speeches and niches and “5 secrets to blah, blah, blah” for yeeeeeears. And shit just didn’t work out for me the way I wanted. I learned assloads about business, especially the online variety, but I got sick of trying to squeeze my ass into that little box. So I gave it the double bird and ripped that box apart, piece by piece. I embraced all of the parts of me that I loved and those that made me happy despite what other people thought. I combined them into this fun fucking place that you’re cruisin’ right now. It’s me… 123%. I also pay the bills as a freelance copywriter over HERE.

And I beg you to go read her “23 Fun Facts About Me” on her website!

Thank you Amy for joining us! Go like her on Facebook, visit her site and buy her book!

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