Coaching Session,
Season 2,

Episode 65: Coaching on Triggers and Transphobia

August 02, 2017

The current political climate has most people on edge and ready to pounce. The Trump Era has proven a difficult path to manage when it feels like a new triggering issue comes out every. single. day. The recent Twitter rant by Trump announcing the ban on transgendered individuals from serving in the United States armed forces hit close to home for us.  We have had many listeners reach out with concerns on how they are managing the near constant political firestorm and how to find their place in the fight.

What you resist persists…but what happens when you are resisting for the “right” reasons? When you are standing up for what is right and not allowing the bullshit to continue? Whether you are marching for women or standing up against the ban on Muslims, that resistance is steeped in power, not denial. Activism is important and the work can provide you with a set of tools so that you can be a part of the fight without losing yourself, your health, and your power in the process.

This week we invite you to join us on the Doing the Work Facebook page to talk about what you have done in the current political environment to stay healthy and in the work.

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