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Season 2,

Episode 73: Special Guest Liis Windischmann on Healing

September 27, 2017

Our interview on today’s episode is a little mind blowing. We are introducing you to Liis Windischmann, a woman who literally transformed and healed herself from several debilitating autoimmune disorders. Her story is one that I have played over and over again in my mind and I continue to find nuggets of inspiration from it. Liis has gone from a highly sought after model, style expert, inspirational lecturer and media commentator on fashion diversity, media literacy, body image and self-esteem including director of the world’s first diverse modelling agency representing…to fighting for her life experiencing symptoms that left her incapable most days of thinking, walking and having full muscle and spine function with simple activities such as clapping, being in a crowded room, eating and doing up a button becoming difficult tasks…to rebuilding her life and now spreading her message as a creative change maker, Mindful Living TV Host,  transformational  speaker and top model. Whew!

“Quite frankly, I could care less what size my jeans are – I am simply overjoyed to be able to go for a walk in the sun.” ~Liis Windischmann

Plus her website is FULL of incredible information. Go there. For reals.

A little more background on Liis with her official bio–

“Liis Windischmann inspires women to amplify their wellness, body love and happiness so they can ditch living life on auto-pilot, consciously create epic lives and own their shift.  An inspirational speaker, on-air TV personality and top model, Liis brings a refreshing new consciousness to health, beauty and fashion providing easy ways to create positive change daily. Her health journey with autoimmune Gluten Ataxia and Hashimoto’s has transformed her world leading her to empower others to lead proactive lives, stop obsessing about the numbers on a scale and rock their happiness, learning to love and appreciate themselves mind, body and soul.  Liis is excited to launch Falling Into Zen – 10 Guided Meditations Under 10 Minutes on iTunes, Spotify & Amazon Music in fall 2017. She’d love to connect with you at www.liisonlife.com and on social media through @liisonlife.”

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