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Episode 74: Coaching on Staying True to YOU!

October 04, 2017

I have been really struggling lately with the idea that as a “transformed” person, I can no longer embrace some of my weirdo things that make me, well, me. I know it is the perfectionist in me combined with the desire to stomp out anything that could be perceived as negative. But who gets to choose that it is negative? Is my emotional nature really a bad thing? Or can I lean into what that offers me and the world? It makes me a more empathetic person. It allows me to express myself. And I am holding back in order to make OTHER people comfortable. Is that really transformed?

Jay and I jumped right into this one. A perfect example of how we record…we are chatting and then all of the sudden we have an episode!

“Practice being in a knowing.” ~Jay Pryor

You don’t have to kill off the self to stop the small.

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