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Season 2,

Episode 80: Special Guest Kit Cassingham on ADD/ADHD and The Work

November 15, 2017

With ADD and ADHD, you either love someone with it, work with someone with it or have it yourself. Doing the work is tough enough, so how do you manage when you are also dealing with the symptoms of ADD/ADHD? Today’s episode features someone who can help you with just that situation! Kit Cassingham is a High Performance Coach who specializes in people with ADD/ADHD. As someone with ADD, Kit truly gets it and can help with the journey of transformation using special techniques and recommendations.

AND Kit is amazing offering our listeners for her coaching programs! Visit LiveInFocusedEnergy.com, then enter “Work” in the shopping cart. The discount is good through 2018.

This truly is fascinating for Jay and I as we both love people who are managing ADD every day. For this week’s topic in our private Facebook group we will be talking about the work and the attention needed to keep focused. We would love to hear any tips or tricks our listeners have as well as your stories of doing the work with ADD. Join us in the group today!

A little more background on Ani with her official bio–

“My name is Kit Cassingham. I’m new to understanding I have ADD, an understanding that followed getting to know more about my husband’s new diagnosis of ADD. How can you hit your 60s without knowing you have ADD? Having lived a structured life — until I met my husband.

As a high performance coach I’d been working with people to help them be more productive, live a more energized and satisfying life, and to find that joyous spark we all want. Coaching entrepreneurs with ADD to focus on their strengths and clear their hurdles so they can quit struggling and thrive was a natural fit with my high performance coaching. It’s the same work — with a different appreciation of their gifts and wiring. The work is magical. The transformations awe inspiring.

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I live in Southwest Colorado on 45 acres with my husband and three cats, enjoying mountain vistas and peaceful quiet.

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A few things mentioned in this episode…

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