ok Episode 85: Coaching on Shame & Blame – Do the Work with Jay & Becca
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Episode 85: Coaching on Shame & Blame

December 20, 2017

The shame and blame spirals can be pretty overwhelming. Especially when you are dedicated to the work. When things seem to be shitty it is easy to start beating yourself up that you aren’t doing it “right” and then blaming yourself or others for your struggles.

In this episode Becca is needing some coaching around shame and then it turns out Jay needed to get some stuff off his chest as well.

Join us this week in the private Facebook group to talk shame and blame. What are some of your go to triggers into the spiral? How do you get yourself back on track? Share your stories or questions and let us support you.

Are you ready to be coached? Shoot us a message through our contact page or message us on Facebook. We would love to get your scheduled.

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